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Truly amazing, I lost 2 inches off my waist after using this product only 3 times.  Just blown away and so happy.  I'll continue to use my fat freezing belt to get rid of my love handles.     By Beth

It really works!  I lost several inches off my abdomen and love handles, and fit into shorts that I haven't been able to wear in years!  It's the perfect complement to my exercise routine.  by  M. K.

I absolutely love this product! I have already lost close to 15 inches without any exercise due to a broken foot in only 6 weeks. The other best part about Asrai's Touch is how wonderful the lotion feels on my swollen foot and how soothing it has been. I recommend Asrai's Touch completely!   By Kari Salisbury (Amazon Review)


I purchased four kits for myself and 3 co-workers, we were all complaining about the same things, controling the middle age spread. We are all very physically fit and very diet conscious. Of course also very cautious about a fat freezing gimmick! What's was the harm in trying, we could at least have a good laugh in the end. Well, no one is laughing! THIS WORKS!!! Oh yeah! I lost 3 inches off the waist in two weeks and an un-explained weight loss of 8 pounds! One of my friends, who is 71 years old, lost 4 inches in two weeks. The youngest in the group surprised us today with a 4 inch loss, today was her first time measuring. My last friend will not measure until Wednesday, it will be 3 weeks by then. I will encourage her to write a review, too. We are all very hopeful. The best part is it motivates you to work out more, because you see results! I love this product, I still can't believe it works like it said! It makes me feel good knowing that I was able to help out three very close friends. My advice is buy the product and USE IT! I found time gets away and before I knew it would be almost an hour and I would still be wearing my "fat belt". Measure and weigh yourself, don't forget to move the belt to other trouble spots on the body. I had questions, so I email them to the web site and the owner answers the questions right away! Excellent service! Very fast and very professional!

  By  Ramona Schafstek   (Amazon Review)

When I had my children, I was always able to get back into shape. But after my 4th child and after turning 40, I had the hardest time keeping the weight off and removing my belly pouch and love handles from my last child.  Exercise and diet weren't working like they used to.  A friend told me about Asrai's Touch. She loves it.  I gave it a try and in two weeks,  I lost 4" off my stomach.   It's a really cool product!!!   Literally!!!!   Honestly, it really works!  

  By Soko    ( Amazon Review)

For years, I have tried to get rid of my belly fat through exercise, but have not had any success.  Yhis product really works and I lost seven inches the first month!!!  I put it on do dishes, housework..etc  and the time goes by so fast.  I would highly recommend this product.


by Trish (Amazon Review)

I used it watching TV and lost over 5" in 5 weeks off my belly.  With results like this, I'm happy to work out at the gym again.  This product makes it easy to keep the fat off.  Just diet and exercise wasn't working for me, until I added Asrai's Touch.    By Nate

Jeanne Keith Jeanne Keith

Asrais touch REALLY works !!!! Have lost 4 inches and a loss of 8lbs in 10 days !! This product is awesome

I have been trying to cut my mid-section down for a while now.  A little skeptical; at first but after using this product consistently I have noticed a significant loss of a few inches around my mid-section.  Quite an enjoyable experience after every workout! Stick to the program and it will work for you.  The numbing effect of the cold is really nice.........  by Daniel    (Amazon Review)

Ten years ago I spent 5,000+ on laser liposuction.  I lost several inches and was happy with the results, but as the years passed by my stomach found its lost fat.  I used this product three times a week for one month and I have seen better results than from "smart liposuction". I had considered getting a touch up, but due to cost issues started researching other products.  I am so glad, I found Asrais' Touch. I look great, feel great and can still afford to go shopping! 
by  Rose   (review from Amazon)

 I have been conscious of my diet all my life, and have been exercising regularly for 30+ years. But, I still had stubborn belly fat that never went away.  Since I've started using Asrai's Touch my belly pooch has shrunk!  I am able to wear shorts and jeans that I'd never thought I could wear again.  Even my exercise shorts fit better.  I now have a much flatter abdomen then I have had since I was a teenager, and I will continue to use Asrai'a Touch for the rest of my life!  It FEELS great to LOOK GREAT!    by Monique Francois  (review from Amazon)

I lost 2 inches in just 2 weeks, now it's my husband's turn.  It's easy; we can wear the belt while watching TV.  Seeing results like this really helps me stay motivated at the gym.    

  by  Amanda D.


This home fat freezing system is designed to be customizable for our busy lifestyles. Results will vary and are as unique as the individuals using it.

Reviews are written by users sharing their personal experiences.  We always enjoy hearing from you.



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  Thanks!!! By the way, I love this product!!!! A loss of 6lbs and 4 inches in the last week!!!!! Thank you so much fot taking the time to explain things and answer questions.


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Great product. Does what it promises.  If you can endure the cold, this is quite something.  After 5 uses, I'm down 3 inches off waist and have not altered any of my other habits....would love to see this for my arms!!!!   Nice job.

   Vicky Jacobson   (Amazon Review)


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I strongly recommend this product, it is the first item that I have ever used that truly targets the stubborn fat areas.  I have tried countless diets and always failed since I seemed to lose weight in areas that didn't need to get thinner.  This product gives you motivation to keep up the diet since you see such rapid targeted fat loss.  I found the product very easy to use and could honestly say it was a comfortable cooling sensation on my skin.  Try it you will be happy with the results! 

by Susan  (Amazon Review)

Disclaimer:  Please consult your healthcare provider before using Asrai's Touch or any other weight loss program, diet or exercise routine.  Asrai's Touch is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.  Individuals with problems in sensing cold should use extreme caution with this product.  Do not use if you have panniculitus, cryoglobulinemia, Raynaud's phonomenon or Buerger's disease.  Some individuals may be sensitive to neoprene or neoprene blend rubber.  If a rash develops discontinue use and consult a physician.  Some testimonial results on this site are not typical and individual results may vary.